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A gamechanger that will enhance practically every element of one's life

"I can't say enough about how amazing Marla was in guiding me through the Mental Fitness Mastery with PQ™ course. This was an INCREDIBLE class!!! I got SO much out of it in terms of the explosive content, but the main driver was Marla! Her passion, energy, insights, charm, and humor along with her mastery of the material are truly inspirational. Marla's creative and enthusiastic approach to facilitation energized her participants to perform not because they had to, but because they WANTED to.

I came to this program with some prerequisite knowledge in this space. I had built a 30+ year career as a seasoned executive coach, a change leader, and a corporate facilitator. During the course of my career, I have attended multitudes of workshops, seminars, conferences, etc., led by some of the top educators and inspirational speakers in the world. Out of all of these educational and developmental opportunities, I can honestly say that Marla and this course was right at the top!

This program was the perfect blend of superb content with masterful facilitation. I HIGHLY recommend this course to anyone and everyone. It was truly a gamechanger that will enhance practically every element of one's life."

Brooke Hoover


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